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Women seen as sex objects: scientific studies
However, there are indications that women are perceived similarly — as sex objects — around the world. In 1989, psychologist David Buss of the University of Michigan studied 37 cultures and found that where sex and partnership are concerned men and …
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Oakland clinic is serving six times as many sex trafficked minors as in 2009
When she came to us, Kari was not in school—she spent those hours forced to sell herself for sex on the streets of Oakland. Two years later, after working with April, a psychologist at WestCoast, Kari is off the streets. Over these two years, April …

Pop Star Claims Sex With Ghost
While this may seem like a bizarre (or publicity-savvy) revelation, Kesha is not alone; in fact many people have reported similar sexual experiences with spirits… and psychologists may have an explanation. History: Where Did Halloween Come From?
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