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NYC Schools' Banned Word List Gets The Boot
So we'd venture to guess that "parapsychology" and "sex" will remain verboten. Meanwhile, while we're on the topic, we'd like to give a shout out to commenter SFNY for successfully using all of the DOE's bad words and phrases in one comment!
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With Easter comes thoughts of a better place — paradise
… traditional belief (in heaven) on empirical lines, such as the survival of the naive belief in 'the other world' . . . the revelations of 'the above' in dreams, the data of parapsychology and the self-transcendent properties found among ecstatics.
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Things that go bump in the night
Keith says para-psychology is a real thing. He has taken an online course to secure his papers and everything. By his reckoning, even scientists are starting to recognise the validity of his, um, profession “as the evidence mounts up”.
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