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A different history of displacement and loss
If we are to fully understand the Israel-Arab conflict, the memory of these people and their exodus must be acknowledged — not as a political weapon, a negotiating tactic or as part of a competition about who suffered more, but simply as history …
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Hudson High senior heading to Australia to study her dream, marine biology
He was passing out papers in his Advanced Placement history class and also asking students about post-high school plans. When he got to Colvin, she didn't hesitate. She wanted to go to Australia to study marine biology. He laughed.

Interns report mistreatment, confusion around rights
By Padma Nolt Andy Song, a junior psychology major, interns at Sojourner Place, which works to help struggling women get back on their feet. Unpaid internships have a long history of helping students gain relevant work experience in both the nonprofit …
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