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Open Minds: An Exhibit of Psychology Department Faculty Publications Exhibit
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Image by Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library
Shown here is an image from the exhibit "Open Minds: An Exhibit of Psychology Department Faculty Publications," on display in the Bright Gallery on the second floor of Swem Library at the College of William and Mary. The exhibit features publications from faculty in the College of William and Mary’s Department of Psychology. The exhibit is on display from March 26, 2012-January 18, 2013.

The following is a transcription of the label text presented on this label:

Selected Publications:

Professor Dallaire

Dallaire, Danielle and Lauren Aaron. (2010). Middle childhood:
family, school, and peer contexts for children affected by
parental incarceration. In J. MarkEddy and Julie Poehlmann
(Eds.), Children of incarcerated parents: A handbook for
researchers and practitioners (101-119). Washington, D.C.: Urban
Institute Press.

Poehlmann, Julie, Danielle Dallaire, Ann Booker Loper, and Leslie D.
Shear. (2010). Children’s contact with their incarcerated parents:
Research findings and recommendations. American
Psychologist 65(6), 575-598.

Professor Vishton

Vishton, Peter M., Nicolette J. Stephens, Lauren A. Nelson, Sarah E.
Morra, Kaitlin L. Brunick, and Jennifer A. Stevens. (2007).
Planning to reach for an object changes how the reacher
perceives it. Psychological Science 18(8), 713-719.

Vishton, Peter M., Elizabeth A. Ware, and Amy N. Badger. (2005).
Different gestalt processing for different actions? Comparing
object-directed reaching and looking time measures. Journal
of Experimental Child Psychology 90(2), 89-113.

Vishton, Peter Martin, and Jennifer A. Stevens. (2009). What babies
can do: An activity-based guide to infant development [DVD].
Williamsburg, VA: Power Babies LLC.

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Professor Forestell

Forestell, Catherine A., Andrea M. Spaeth, and Stephanie A. Kane.
(2012). To eat or not to eat red meat: A closer look at the
relationship between restrained eating and vegetarianism in
college females. Appetite 58(1), 319-325.

Forestell, Catherine A. and Julie A. Mennella. (2007). Early
determinants of fruit and vegetable acceptance. Pediatrics
120(6), 1247-1254.

From the Special Collections Research Center, Earl Gregg Swem Library at the College of William and Mary. See for further information and assistance.

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