Jose Silva: The Founder Of Mind Control

Jose Silva: The Founder Of Mind Control

Article by The Silva Method

This is what Jose Silva and founder of The Silva Method has devoted his entire life to, with remarkable results for millions and millions of people. Reason behind is to provide precious and helpful content for all the seekers of a mind control trusted guide.

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NBC News correspondent, Sara James, reports for Dateline NBC a psychological experiment (The Implicit Association Test) designed to reveal hidden “racial bias”. Broadcast Date: April 15, 2007 Additional Research Information: Harvard Science: Prejudices we won’t admit See No Bias Scientific American: The Implicit Prejudice Project Implicit┬« Copies of Technical Research Papers can be obtained at: The Test Related videos on the 4TruthAndJustice YouTube channel: “Unconscious Prejudice” “Scientific American Frontiers”
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