Job Burnout Recovery

www.Krista | I help professionals working in high-pressure work environments increase focus, creativity and inner calm. My clients often want help with: • Challenges associated with being a leader while remaining authentic (Will people follow me if they know who I really am or what’s going on with me?) • Job burnout • Anxiety accompanying job promotion or new responsibilities • Overactive stress responses • Feelings of overwhelm, worry and dread • Desire to increase number and quality of meaningful relationships • Directionlessness • Procrastination • Distressing anger, frustration, or guilt • Life events: separation from employment, marriage, divorce, death, parenthood, retirement, normal aging process • Depression • Difficulties in relationships • Stress affecting physical and/or psychological health • Self-destructive behavior • Feeling trapped in a meaningless job I am a Clinical Psychologist licensed by the state of California (PSY23220). I have assisted professionals with life-work balance since 2003. I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. My therapeutic approach is collaborative, active, and tends towards an existential present-focus. My clients and I actively develop strategies for change and seek an understanding of clients’ strengths as well as an exploration of the challenges that have caused distress.
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