Jack ma says that entrepreneurs have to bear hardships 20 years of psychological preparation

Jack ma says that entrepreneurs have to bear hardships 20 years of psychological preparation

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Entrepreneurs will have to bear hardships 20 years of psychological preparation

Now have part of the young people suffering lack of spirit, the psychological bearing capacity is fragile, work life not by a slight us.it lament. Jack ma think this young man ChengDaQi difficult, because although they have abilities, but less refined, and he thought: “survival test is a way, young people should be more determination strengthens the hardships exercise.” Entrepreneurship is a difficult process, no bitterness of preparation, affirmation is to stick to not go down. The difficult to predict, the result of the venture, entrepreneurs are unpredictable, but creating a business meeting all difficulties, but must be accepted.

Earlier said, Mr Ma in 1991 when the first business established bo sea translation agency, the first months of income is 700 yuan, and at the time of the rent is 2400 yuan, Mr Ma was a lot of people sarcasm. In order to maintain the normal operation of the translation agency bo, jack ma a man carrying a big sack to yiwu, guangzhou to replenish onr’s stock, translation club started selling gifts, flowers, in the most primitive accumulation of capital ways to keep running.

In 1995, Mr Ma founded China pages, is still fraught with difficulties. At that time, they only rented a room when office and only used a computer, a dollar a dollar, counting the flowers. They registered, China is not a Internet company. So the sea bo network called “shell companies” is the first commercial operation of the Internet company. At that time, the Chinese enterprise information jack ma together to express to the United States, by the designer do well to the web page release, profit is from the fees charged to the enterprise.

In March 1999, the company was founded in hangzhou alibaba, jack ma face environment still did not improve. In order to save cost, the company will put him in the home. He and his business partners, not to work day and night, the ground has a sleeping bag, who is tired drilling to sleep for a while.

No matter how difficult it is, Mr Ma never gave up. So that was a later success, and successful conclusion: if asked me the reasons for the success of what it is and I think is never give up, and don’t give up.

Bill Gates is a typical workaholic. In 1974, when he was in the Harvard University on the second grade, he often at Harvard University computer center on his ai Ken computer, and that those who use a computer is not much, sometimes tired he will lie prone on the computer falls asleep. Gates of the classmate say, he often found in early in the morning in the room of the gates to the world. At harvard, gates is that no one can the computer can match. His teacher not only for his intelligence surprised, more his exuberant and abundant energy and gasp in admiration.

In new Mexico’s open g cloth business period, in addition to talk about business, business, gates is working in the company to work all night, and often into the night. Sometimes, the secretary will find that he was in the office floor snore blows. At that time, gates and his partner Alan often visit the evening’s open g cloth cinema, and different from the others, they see the movie as a kind of rest, after watching the movie and go back to work.

In 1979, Microsoft moved to bell d especially, in 1983, Microsoft announced the development of the news to WINDOWS. A have been to the gates of the residence who surprised to discover his room in not only the television set, even necessary furniture are no life. Gates often says, to victory will pay better than others doubling of hard work.

“Do not willingness to live normal, can eat the ordinary people of the suffering of refused to eat, can make other people look down on money”, it is many entrepreneurs a vivid reflection of the hard work. Jack ma in “west lake among the” on the BBS, tells the story of zheshang successful reason: “in China, zhejiang entrepreneurs very much, their tenacity and all the not afraid, don’t let go of any development opportunity, they use the courage and began his new world spirit, to China, and even the world all left a profound impression.”

Predictably, the successful entrepreneurs in the business, are very hard-working, very hard. The entrepreneurial success is not only need a lot of capital and powerful strength, also need to endurance, one kind can overcome hardship endurance.

Bear hardships and stand hard work is one of the most entrepreneurs competitive advantages, is also the long-term development of entrepreneurs early important guarantee. Li ka-shing from when the teahouse run hall start; WangYongQing 16 sell meters for a living; The fok ying tung 20 years old had the nansha islands of adventure in seaweed experience. Indonesia LinShaoLiang rich merchant in their memories from “bicycle PaoJie vendors” began to work experience, always taught family members and employees to industry hard. Can say, the success of the entrepreneurs outstanding representative character are in hard sweat laid his inheritance. Their hard work experience, have already deduce for a outlook on life and values, to the family members and enterprise employees, to become the enterprise spirit power. To this, “fortune” magazine for the world 500 strong enterprises CEO to do a about what enterprise is the best method of sunry always young survey, 72.65% of ceos surveyed said, is the enterprise crew of bear hardships and stand hard work.

Therefore, Mr Ma said: “entrepreneurs have to bear hardships prepared for 20 years. He think good future way on the way to the future, what is the frustration.”

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