ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE? THINK AGAIN! Former Missile Defense Engineer David White Pioneers Search Engine Marketing By Jonathan Widran

London (PRWEB UK) 21 December 2011

The native of Woking, England grew up in the same town and went to school with renowned singer/songwriter Paul Weller. After graduating from Brooklands Technical College, now Brooklands University, in Weybridge, he launched his professional career as an electronics design engineer for Racal Decca, which manufactured missile guidance systems. The seven years he spent as a rocket scientist programming microprocessors by hand translated perfectly to understanding the complexities of the machine code programming that runs search engines. For those who simply type in search names and get results without thinking too much about how it happens: every program has a database, and the system that processes the data runs on microprocessors.

White has pioneered the Search Engine Marketing Industry over the past 15 years and is still at the top of his game, writing software applications and maintaining ownership of 1,000 websites. He has done it all, from hand coding microprocessors to search algorithms to all aspects of traffic generation to lead capture techniques. He also has a dedicated product creation studio where he produces videos and podcasts related to everything from direct sales to membership sites, social media tools and regular webinars. In December 2010, White was awarded a Best Sellers Quill Award by the National Academy of Best Selling Authors.

One of the internet marketing sectors best known and most respected optimization companies, Weboptimiser has served a broad range of major corporate clients and SMEs (Small Medium Sized Enterprises) for many yearsincluding Cheap, Marriott, IBM, the UK based Institute of Directors and numerous charity organizations. Weboptimiser also works with smaller businesses White calls one man bands. He believes it is not the size of his clients company that is important but the challenge. Everyone shares the same goals and is looking for traffic and transactions normally sales. But the key is not to strictly go after money but to build relationships that can generate income and lead to referral business for many years.

Considering the dynamic way the company has grown over the years, many will find it interesting that Whites original goal when he dove into the internet business had nothing to do with search engines, which were a relatively new phenomenon at the time. Having seen so many poorly designed and run websites, which he called clunky, poor, and slow, his goal was to create and design sites that would work better for companies and their prospective customers.

White secured Bayer Pharmaceuticals as one of his first web clients out of the relationship he developed with the global chemical and pharmaceutical company when he worked in sales for Xerox. He had left the missile defense business due to a crisis of conscience. I was a young man who realized that I was making bombs that killed people. He found it amusing that the record label Decca was a partner in a company that researched and built such things: They make money putting out records by peace singing hippies, only to reinvest it in helping manufacture missile guidance systems.

Bayer made a unique request that changed the course of Whites fledgling company. They told us that they wanted to be at the top of the page when people searched for pharmaceutical products on Alta Vista, White says. Thats basically what we did made the site better, improved its design and took what they and other companies had already achieved and optimized it for search engines. So we were in essence doing optimization before we even inadvertently coined the name for the industry. Our next big client wanted the same services so we never really focused exclusively on web design, even if that was our original intent.

Back in those days, he adds, many upstart companies had the idea that they could produce a great business plan and get millions from financial institutions. But our business plan was based on raising clients instead of money and getting our money through those relationships. I like to joke that while some may think SEO is a complex scientific process, it actually boils down to the concept of a picture painting a thousand words. If you took a thousand words to describe that picture, you would be feeding the search engine the data it wants. A company like Bayer not only needs to show pictures to describe medical conditions it can treat, but must find key words that are appropriate for the website that can help consumers find the site before any of their competitors.

White is the only professional to have chaired the Search Council of the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) Europe ever; in that capacity, he defined Advanced Search Engine Marketing and determined Benchmarked Search Engine Marketing as an advanced search engine marketing strategy that is still true today. While he continues to work on client accounts and is still a member of IAB, he is also involved today in understanding more about the influencing dynamics of how and why consumers buy online. His hands on, real world expertise has given rise to his new title of Digital Systems Developer. He has recently developed smartphone apps as mobile optimization becomes a necessity now that people are buying, selling and acquiring information with their phones more than ever before. Traffic from social media sites like Facebook currently outstrips the user volumes of Google.

The headlines we shoot for these days are what we now refer to as social media, the big fourLinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, he says. All of this has translated to big changes in our business because at the end of the day Facebook is still a microprocessor driven app. Early on, we recommended that clients create content for their sites that added more words to be found by search engines. We also recommended that they get those who surf the web to leave feedback and contact information. In effect, thats the kind of thing we see in social media now, where people forward and share information and services.

The sophistication we learned and experienced and informative words we used through search engine marketing are now collectively called social media, White adds. Thats been a recurring theme, proving that we were correct in the beginning to recommend to clients that they should not only have services on their sites, but the facility to help build a community so people would return. We have found that our clients will achieve their objectives by focusing on giving people what they want. The more they do that, the more likely they will be found on search engines.

For White and Weboptimiser, the bottom line has always been the sameall the client wants is more sales, and to get that, they must recognize that they need to generate appropriate traffic and have a website that converts visits into potential transactions. Social media and search engines are all about generating this traffic, which will lead to an ongoing relationship with consumers if the site has enough of what White calls multiple touching that gives them more and more information in different ways. There is actually a lot of psychology involved in creating this relationship related to the art of persuasion and personality profiling. White has basically narrowed down potential consumers to four categories based on a quadrant chart: open and logical, closed and logical, open and creative and closed and creative. My job is always to evangelize good web practices, he says.

Beyond his work related to Weboptimiser, White is 50% owner of a Miami based company called, doubling business in only a year via his processes and sales techniques. Always open to new business ventures, the ever entrepreneurial, well traveled White (whose three month visa access to the U.S. has been permanently renewed for the last six years) met the companys founder in Miami on an unexpected layover from Co

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