Individual Differences and Personality

Individual Differences and Personality

Individual Differences and Personality

Colin Cooper’s ‘Individual Differences’ has been a favorite amoung lecturers and students of differential psychology since it was published in 1997. It is unique in its comprehensive coverage of both personality theories and the methodeological issues associated with personality and psychometric testing.
This new edition has been fully revised and expanded to include recent developments in the field. There is also a new chapter on Emotional Intelligence and explanded coverage of the Big 5 model personality and positive pschology. Cooper also discusses influential new fields such as cognitive epidemology and a new chapter on practical applications demostrates how what has been learned can be applied to everday life from recruitment to predicting whether psychopths will reoffend.
The accompanying website provides comprehensive support for both students and lecturers, including MCQ’s, sample exam questions, PowerPoint presentations, revision flashcards, interactive glossary, and revision summaries.
An informative and enjoyable trip through personality and psychometrics, this book is essential reading for all students wishing to gain a broad understanding of this fascinating field.

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