In Court? The Emerging Field of Forensic Advocacy May Be Able to Help

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 17, 2012

Navigating the complex world of the court system can be tough especially for a regular person without experience or for somebody up against powerful interests. People often find themselves confused and trampled upon by forces seemingly beyond their control. When there is corruption involved, it can be even harder. But according to experts with the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts (FCVFC), there is somebody who may be able to help: a forensic advocate.

Forensic advocacy is an emerging field that has developed to protect clients from a range of problems frequently encountered in the American court system biases, prejudices, attorneys with divided loyalties, corruption, and more. It brings together diverse specialties like psychoanalysis, forensic analysis, mediation services, psychological reviews, conflict management, and litigation strategies.

The end goal, of course, is to reach optimal resolutions for all of the parties involved. But the welfare of any children who may be caught in the crossfire is the highest priority particularly in cases involving abuse, neglect, and other serious problems placing them in jeopardy.

In some cases, forensic advocacy even extends into the public domain. Efforts to publicize problems and pressure key players into accountability, for example, can include shedding light on the inner workings of the system to the scrutiny of publicity. Other situations may require filing formal complaints with various administrative bodies such as medical boards or state bar associations. Authorities sometimes need to be involved as well.

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