If you have a MS in Clinical Psychology?

Question by : If you have a MS in Clinical Psychology?
I’m not asking for you to give me your life details, haha, but I am in my second year of college, and I am majoring in psychology. I want to get my MS in Clinical Psychology. If you have this, could you please tell me where you are now career wise? Do you work in a hospital or have your own private practice? Are you glad you chose this path?

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Answer by Sarah M
I have an MA, not MS… same rules still apply.

First, you need to check with your state. Many states will not permit the practice of a non-doctoral-level practitioner. Other states will only permit the practice of psychology while under supervision of a PhD or PsyD.

Agency work (such as with an inpatient hospital or residential treatment facility) often has the most “built-in” supervision because they have many licensed practitioners that can also supervise unlicensed or associate-level (master’s level) clinicians.

However, before you seek employment ANYWHERE, be sure to find out what the state’s licensure requirements are so that you can operate within the limits of your degree and ensure you document all your hours (including supervision, which needs to be signed by your supervisor) according to the regulations of the licensing board. There is also often a time limit by which you must take the licensing exam as well.

Good luck!

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  1. Shmilibby said,

    Wrote on April 7, 2012 @ 1:30 am

    I have an MA in clinical psyc , i just graduated! woohoo :)

    I agree with the previous writer who said basically everything i would have. It depends on the state’s level to determine a license eligibility, but mostly, you can get your license with an MA or MS. You can practice as an LCP (licensed clinical psychologist) but depending on the state, you may have to open under someone who has already established a practice and is a PhD or PsyD.

    I have worked in a State Prison here as a clinician working and doing assessments and counseling and it was extremely fulfilling! With a degree in clinical pysc, your options are really diverse. You can work for a clinic (duh) being a counselor, you can work in drug addiction, or with kids. I am a BSC (behavioral specialist coordinator) Which means i help oversee those children who have a TSS (therapeutic support staff) and make sure their treatment plans are in order and that the TSS is helping find the child’s triggers along with meeting with family to help them better serve their child.

    Hope that helps!

    Kuddos to you for working on your degree and keeping on top of it! You will go far! :)

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