I have a subject Psychology on my course as Education, how can psychology be relevant & important on my study?

Question by agnes s: I have a subject Psychology on my course as Education, how can psychology be relevant & important on my study?
how can the study of psychology be relevant and important in my course?

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Answer by BrokenPhantasm
If you are doing Psychology in your education course, it is likely that you are studying ‘Educational Psychology’ which is a broad field of different Psychological studies. One of the most important one of these could arguably be that of Developmental Psychology, which helps teachers understand how students may learn at different ages.

By knowing this, we can increase the efficiency of our curriculum and alter our teaching style so that it accommodates to the needs of students. One of the best examples would be the work of Vygotsky – particularly his notion of a Zone of Proximal Development – and, to a lesser extent, the work of Piaget, who helped develop the notion of a ‘progressive education’ that accommodated for the biological differences in students that supposedly determined their ability to comprehend abstract and conceptual thought. Research these concepts, and I am sure that the benefits will continue to reveal themselves to you.

Upon another note, many psychological disorders actually begin to develop during adolescence, examples including Schizophrenia, Depression, and the large variety of Anxiety Disorders. If teachers studied Abnormal Psychology (that is the study of disorders such as these), they could identify the risk factors and early symptoms and notify the School Counselor/Psychologist, hopefully encouraging a more preventative attitude to mental well being.

The study of developmental disorders, such as Asperger’s or High Functioning Autism, would also benefit the field of Pedagogy, as to help prepare teachers and their programs for the special challenges that these conditions can place on both the student and the teacher

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