How to Have a Happy Baby

Ray from the land of mirror
Children Psychology
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My son writes but when he does he often writes in mirror form.

Or is that he writes as he sees them, and we learn to write in mirror form so that other people will seem the right way around.

I think that the latter is more likely.

As Chad Hansen argues, numerals are ideograms.

Cute, but also scary…redruM.

How to Have a Happy Baby
Darcia Narvaez, PhD, is a Notre Dame psychology professor whose research focuses on the character development of children. Her studies have shown that certain infant-rearing habits produce children (and adults) who are calmer, happier and more …
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Taking another look at the roots of social psychology
For generations, social psychology students have read that Norman Triplett did the first social psychology experiment in 1889, when he found that children reeled in a fishing line faster when they were in the presence of another child than when they …
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