How To Design A Fitness Center – Designer Cuoco Black Employs Elements Of Psychology And Emotional Touch Points As Metaphors To A Client’s Brand And Business Model

Miami, FL – New York, NY (PRWEB) August 07, 2012

Embracing the “Poisoned Chalice” – his description for theme inspired design projects – designer Cuoco Black listens carefully to his charming client’s description of the interior design concept she envisions for her gym. “I would like it to be a Mediterranean/Grecian concept as a symbol to my culture lineage” exclaims the buoyant woman. Black is delighted, he has been here many times before, that point at which he is charged as a creative professional to transform utopian ideals into built environments. Black urges the client to continue and is seduced with a litany of Mediterranean flavored architectural references which will become components of the Program – the narrative list of facility features, descriptions and functional adjacencies which will drive the design process. “Columns should designate activity zones, flooring should be blue stained concrete as a reference to water and white needs to be a central theme reflecting the sun-bleached structures of the region” emphasizes the client.

A recipient of the BFA with Distinction and Professional Design Diploma from the New York School of Interior Design, where he once served as a faculty member, Black’s skills bridge the academic-philosophical to the practical-beautiful. His work in Paris France for the Experimental Cocktail Club garnered his clients a “Best Bars in the World” designation by Bartenders Magazine and his design for the-gone-but-not-forgotten Gin Lane Restaurant in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District inspired an allegiance of celebrities from the world’s of film, sports and fashion.

Black is a staunch opponent of the boutique design aesthetic… As a former design educator he says he has come to a conclusion.if residences, offices, hotels, fitness centers and commercial spaces share the same design aesthetic, the resulting impact is a predictable pedestrian experiencesuch results undermine the potential for the art of interior design to lift us from mediocrity to a design plane of higher meaning. “Enterprises embracing interior design trends undermine their marketing platform and their ability to establish a unique corporate signature says Cuoco Black.

Black says good design is about discovering the Brand…that which he explores in a proprietary design process he calls “the point of tabula rasa” the epistemological premise that knowledge, or creation for his purpose, is channeled by perception of the natural rhythms which support the clients ideals. Extrapolated to the practical – the designer embellishes on the effort. “When designing I marry psychological cues to design materials and concepts…the farthest thing from my mind is the boutique design aesthetic with the typical clich

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