how to awaken genius in your child – tips for positive parenting – child psychology

child is always genius …as he is the reproductive result of two genius parent …. so stop making the child genius …. he is already double genius & just need proper watering & proper season….. fruits & flower with fragrance will come automatically . this recording is the lecture given by Dr Vinod Kumar Goyal Parenting consultant …. based on psychological analysis of clinical cases seen every day . basic idea is …. the new concept …. like a sculputure carving the stone … means … one says he is not carving the stone …..he is just removing the extra wastage from the stone … because the beautiful art is already inside ….. other says .. he is carvind a beautiful art by chilling out the s tone so similarly …child is genius .. do not try to make him genius … appreciate acknowledge & help him to remove the dirt getting deposited from outside … see more tips in the next videos … soon to be uploaded …… this video piece gives you the concept … how to awaken the genius in your child ….. saying that first consider yourself & your child as a genius …. Then start dealing or behaving with him……. for more details or your questions … on child psychology or positive parenting e mail me at or see website
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