how is psychology applied?

Question by michelle d: how is psychology applied?

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Answer by Angela
applied to what? What r u talking about?

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  1. Bill said,

    Wrote on March 2, 2012 @ 7:32 pm

    Like anything else is.
    If a preacher tells us to give to the poor, you could apply that by giving to a homeless man the next time you see one.
    In other words you put an idea into action.
    Say you learn from cognitive therapy that to change your mood you need to change your thinking. And you are feeling down because (1) you are telling yourself that you’re stupid. You counter that with (2) actually that’s not really true. The IQ test told me I have an IQ of 120, so I can’t be stupid. I’m just being morbid. (3) So instead you start telling yourself, Yes, I made a mistake today, but I’m really smart. I will learn from my mistake and be smart–more like myself–in the future.
    Those are the steps to one of the main cognitive tools.

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