How Embryology Shed Light on the Expression of Pathology

How Embryology Shed Light on the Expression of Pathology

Article by Tremayne Reiss

The study of embryology (ontogeny) is part of a Dr’s training as this augments their understanding of anatomy. Likewise the cancer specialist needed to refer back to embryology to understand the interconnections between certain parts of the anatomy and their brain relays.

One way to look at the embryo is that it has certain distinct layers. These are endoderm (inner layer), mesoderm (middle layer) and ectoderm, outer layer.


All endoderm programs are controlled by the brainstem. The conflicts are always concerned with fear of death, fear of starvation, fear to die of thirst, existential fears and issues surrounding reproduction and procreation. The organs of the endoderm are primarily to do with disgestion so the conflicts reflect this i.e. they are to do with acquiring, swallowing, transporting, assimilating and removing it.

All the tumours related to the endoderm grow in the conflict active phase. These growths are programmed by the brain stem. In Nature the conflicts are not in a figurative sense but in a literal sense i.e. a metaphorical equivalent – a guy wins the lottery but then can’t find the ticket.


The mesoderm is split into two parts. far back in history the endoderm was the first layer to be crafted by nature. As life crawled out of the sea it needed new components to adapt. Mother Nature designed a new layer for protection from the sun, so developed a special layer of skin conventionally known as the dermis.

One aspect of the mesoderm has its brain relays in the cerebellum and theses diseases show cell multiplication in the active conflict stage. The conflicts of the mesoderm are to do with one’s integrity and to do with protection. A very common cause of these tumors is the threat of an exploratory incision (biopsy) or surgery.

The other bit is the cerebral medulla (marrow). This shows cell loss when the conflict is active and cell multiplication in the healing. They will have warm hands, good appetite and sleep well, even though they may be diagnosed with cancer. The lumps with these organs – lymph, muscles, bones, blood vessels etc are nature doing her utmost to heal the body in the second phase. These conflicts revolve around feelings of worthiness and a person’s ability to keep up.

From an evolutionary point of few the brain areas so far discussed react unconsciously. In the struggle for survival fast reaction responses were necessary hence they were unconscious.


The ectoderm relates to the cerebral cortex. The conflicts associated with this aspect are social in nature. In the conflict active phase we find cell loss but there are some programs which will have functional loss as there presenting feature. Diabetes and MS are two well known examples. These other diseases have been called cancer equivalent. The practitioner always investigates the social context of the patient when these organs express pathology.

Meta-medicine recognizes that the brainstem being the oldest has the most archaic programs running. The cortex, the newest in evolutionary terms runs the more sophisticated programs. These programs developed over millions of years and reflected the context that we found ourselves.

As humans progressed through evolution we became progressively more complex. Mother Nature developed new hardware (the neo-cortex) and as the hardware became more sophisticated so did the programs it ran.

Their hearts are in the Right Place but…

Through refusing to look at Dr.Hamers discoveries scholastic medicine continues to make grave errors in their clinical assessments. The symptoms often show up in the 2nd phase which is when people see their Doctor. If this system was understood a wait and see approach could be taken, minimizing on aggressive interventions with the associative conflicts.

Dr. Hamer uses this example to illustrate associative conflicts. It is called the rats tail effect. One goes into hospital with one cancer and comes out with four.

A child suffers a self devaluation conflict around sports. Which is his obsession. He may feel he is inferior to his competitors. The intensity of the feelings will determine which anatomical structure is affected. It could involve the ligamnts, tendons and in some instances the bone. Over time the unconscious mind shifts and he goes into healing. This is accompanied by swelling an intense pain.

The Dr.’s call this osteosarcoma and administer chemo. If the chemo fails they threaten amputation. The mother is desperate. The consequences of this for a 13 year old kid are massive. She gets advice from a meta-medicine coach. She is made aware of the process her son is involved in and is advised to wait and see. She avoids her next appointment. The swelling disappears and the kid makes a full recovery. The best chemo could have done is interrupt the natural healing process. An amputation could have lead to any number of conflicts and therefore sequelae and possibly death.

We must not underestimate the ingenuity of nature and have to learn to facilitate her in her natural processes.

Scholastic medicine is great with acute emergencies. Its crowning glory will be genetics and stem cell technology. Antibiotics definitely saved lives also.

The next article deals with microbes……

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