How does pathology pertain to chemistry?

Question by MissMollyDolly: How does pathology pertain to chemistry?
I would really like to know more about how pathology pertains to chemistry. I am writing an essay for chemistry class.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Answer by anfstallion
They are very closely associated. For instance, upon arrival to an ER, a patient is extremely sick. Depending on the signs and symptoms, one of the first things doctors do is run a test for toxins; including organic poisons such as Cyanide, Rotenone; Or heavy metals like lead. In addition, the body’s chemistry is naturally altered during states of illness. For example, with a viral or bacterial infection, one contains elevated levels of antigens/antibodies. Antibiotics or antivirals used to treat infections all have complex chemical mechanisms of action.

Hope this gives you a basic idea.

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