How does one recruit subjects for a psychology study?

Question by Christina: How does one recruit subjects for a psychology study?
Well, maybe, it’s not exactly a study but it is for my science fair project. I am an high school IB student. I want to do an experiment dealing with the concept of classical conditioning. I have my procedure ready and everything but I have no subjects to do the experiment on. I would like to use my fellow high school students for the experiment (or maybe some elementary school kids). The problem is…I have no idea how I could convince anyone to be the subject for my project. Any tips?

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Answer by Naguru
By taking help from Recruiting Agencies.

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  1. Lucky said,

    Wrote on December 27, 2012 @ 7:58 pm

    Print out a copy of a sign up form and post it in a common area at school, or send a note out to teachers to read at homeroom.

    depending on the experiment, be careful. APA ethics say you can use reasonable deciption in regards to the nature of the study, if telling them the actual purpose could taint the results. However, at the end of the study, you need to reveal to them the actual dependant variable (what you were measuring). Also if at any time in the study they request to leave, you have to let them out, no arguments.

    I loved doing pych experiments in my undergrad work.

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