How do you obtain your own office by studying Psychology?

Question by Victoria: How do you obtain your own office by studying Psychology?
I live in Puerto Rico and I would like to study Psychology for Family & Marriage. In order to open up my own office what requirements would I need and what degree do I need to study? Thank you all!

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Answer by Amy
You need to study exciting sub field of marriage & family counseling, research marriage & family counseling program. Do some research on web & find the right marriage & family counseling school to help to achieve psychology career & goals.If you want to add an advantage then you can go for home study ce courses from accredited ceu course provider.

I came across to a really good site which provides psychology online continuing education courses for psychologists, counselors & social workers.You can also chose your course of interest like Marital and Family Processes in Depression & group & family therapy with online test. It will be useful to increase your knowledge in your respected field.

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