How do you effectively major in/use psychology?

Question by humbled penguin: How do you effectively major in/use psychology?
I’m interested in majoring in psychology; child psychology to be specific because I just love kids to death and I feel like I have this natural penchant with them.

I’m a rising junior and which classes should I be taking? Are AP bio/chemistry required? Which universities should I be looking at? How do you effectively use your psychology degree to start your own business?

Help would be greaatly appreciated!

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Answer by D
As an undergraduate student you would just make in psychology and concentrate in child psychology, if your university offers it as a concentration. Not many universities have a specific CHILD psychology major….undergrad is pretty general as far as psych goes. As a high school student I would recommend taking AP Psychology first and foremost if it’s offered at your school. It will give you a little taste of what Psychology is all about and if you pass the AP exam universities usually let you skip Psych 101 and let you take higher level classes even as a freshmen. If you take AP Psych and still think its for you, I would recommend taking AP Biology and AP Chemistry. As a Psych major, I have to take biology and anatomy classes and once chemistry class. Even if you don’t pass the AP exams, the exposure to the material will help in the long run. I would also recommend taking an English class. There is A LOT of essay writing in Psych classes and they expect you to write coherently and concisely. AP classes are not required to get into an college but they def. help and make you more competitive.

As for starting your own business, I wouldn’t know about that because I am still in undergrad. If you want to become a child psychology then you would need to go to grad school and get your Ph.D. Getting your Ph.D after undergrad usually takes about 5-7 years. It’s a big commitment and a lot of work but if that’s your dream then it will def. be worth it.

If you want your own practice it would probably be a good idea to minor in business during undergrad or to take some classes for it.

Good luck!

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