How do I start my pathology paper on Fibromyalgia

Question by meghan m: How do I start my pathology paper on Fibromyalgia
I’m currently in school for massage therapy, and one of our final assignments is to write a pathology paper. I choose to write mine on Fibromyalgia…I guess my question is what should the intro be about, body, body, body paragraphs, and then the conclusion…

I was thinking that the intro should be a introduction/definition of the disease, and then the three body paragraphs would be about what?? Obviously one of the paragraphs should be how massage therapy can help Fibromyalgia…

Can someone please help me with a outline for my paper?!!?

Thanks :)

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Answer by Calico
You’re right about the first paragraph. Talk about how widespread it is. The increase in reported cases and the diagnostic characteristics of the disease.

The next paragraph could be about who suffers from the disease. Age group, lifestyle, depression, etc.

The next about treatments in general. Drugs (what sort of drugs are given and efficacy), pschiatric counseling (possible depression link, etc), dietary and massage.

Then discuss the massage techniques that are most effective and why. Frequency of treatments typically most beneficial, etc.

Then the summary paragraph states that while there is little certainty in regard to fibromyalgia, one thing is certain. Massage therapy, professionally performed is a powerful tool in treatment. It can return the quality of life in a natural, drug free, noninvasive way that no other treatment offers.

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  1. justmeinthisworld said,

    Wrote on January 1, 2013 @ 5:01 am

    be sure to include the fact that although there are musuloskeletal symptoms–it is caused by a disorder of teh central nervous system-

    start with a apragraph on the effects of the symptoms–stiffness that makes it difficult to be active..

    I would include a paragraph on the pros of message-
    most people say it is beneficial

    and a second on cons of massage—i personally do not like it-i find someone pressiing on my to be uncomfortable and it does nothing for my symptoms

  2. sideline2084 said,

    Wrote on January 1, 2013 @ 5:15 am

    I would also get into the diagnosis process and just how difficult it is to diagnose fibro since it involves ruling out so many other conditions and is most frustrating which can cause you to experience worse symptoms especially when it comes to the depression associated with fibro… I’ve been through it all for over 5 years so anything you need for your paper about getting a diagnosis, living and treating fibro just let me know and I can try to help you out!

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