How do i get clinical psychology work experience?

Question by charlotte: How do i get clinical psychology work experience?
I am studying Psychology BSc (Hons) with a view to becoming a clinical psychologist and obviously will need some work experience in order to gain access to further education after my degree and also for work in the psychological field. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on where i could gain experience/ who i could talk to. I have written to my local prison at uni and also got in contact with a hospital but haven’t got any response as yet. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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Answer by Sugar Rush
I would recommend:
– looking within the university for research assistantships in labs (especially recommended if you intend to pursue a PhD);
– ask professors and TAs about possible work or volunteer openings;
– look into other hospitals (including teaching hospitals associated with medical schools) and psychological/psychiatric clinics about possible positions;
– look into residential treatment facilities, camps, child and youth services, or local governmental (county) mental health clinics.

It would also help to identify specific areas of research you are most interested in — and look up professors and/or researchers who study those topics. They might have openings or refer you to others who may have openings.

Good luck!

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