How can you lower ur sex drive safely?

Question by Unknown: How can you lower ur sex drive safely?
I am 20 and I have an amazing boyfriend. We are planning on waiting until marriage to have sex. We are both trying to find a way to lower our sex drives that is safe. I refuse to masturbate, yet my sex drive is still through the roof. Are there any safe meds out there to fix this problem?

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Answer by Vagina Lover .
just stay busy or do things like yoga and meditation. I don’t understand why you would weight anyway if you love him it shouldn’t matter and your planning to marry him then your practically married, marriage is just a piece of paper that you have to pay for so the government recognizes your marriage. If you broke up now I think it would just as devistated since it sounds like you love him. you should at least give the guy a bj

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  1. GUEST WHO again said,

    Wrote on November 23, 2013 @ 10:47 am

    a natural thing is going on and you want to try and change it, good luck playing.

  2. Dread Pirate Roberts said,

    Wrote on November 23, 2013 @ 11:13 am

    I have heard of some anti-depressants that have lower libido as a side effect but it’s hard to know if they will have that effect on you. The problem is in your mind, not below the belt. You have to find some way of focusing your attention on something else and not allow yourself to dwell on sex.

  3. 3doxiemom said,

    Wrote on November 23, 2013 @ 11:37 am

    Why do you refuse to masterbate? There is absolutely nothing wrong with it and it would be a natural release of these raging hormones that you describe. Also, after marriage, your hubby would enjoy watching you, so it would help if you did it now and got a little practice at it! Good luck!

  4. Genesis said,

    Wrote on November 23, 2013 @ 11:39 am

    No there are no medications that can alter your chemistry without side effects (I presume you won’t take any hormonal medicines if you are so queezy about masturbation). If you really want to know however, there are hormone regulating medicines, and these things will not be prescribed to you because you are too horny. Why do you refuse to masturbate? It’s not like you are killing babies by doing so. This whole “waiting until marriage” thing might have been applicable in the past, but nowadays people are in no rush to get married- marriage is a financial, interpersonal, and romantic contract with lots of responsibilities, and society has pushed the age for marriage back. Maybe back in the 1950’s people were getting married at age 19, but this is not the case any more.

    In my opinion, you are just torturing yourself this way. Masturbating is not evil or dirty. But if you insist on other methods, so be it. Working out releases lots of hormones, and is an aphrodisiac. So, stay away from the gym. Chocolate and caffeine make people horny, so do some seafoods like oysters and scallops. The TV has tons of sexual images that affect your drive. So turn it off, and don’t touch those foods mentioned above. Keep kissing strictly business-like. No fondling or touching. Rent only G-rated films. Oh, and should you think about doing the dirty… you might consider a chastity belt. They work wonders. Sorry for the sarcasm and bluntness, I’m just telling you the reality of what you’d have to go through to lower your sex drive.

    On a real note, you are 20 years old. Since the advent of so much technology and civil and sexual revolutions that came with it, society has pushed the marriage and professional ages back. Now, it would take a very long time for the human race to biologically catch up with this (if it did catch up, you’d imagine people who are age 40-50 years looking like they are 20- how cool would that be? lol), and because we haven’t adapted biologically as a species to these social changes, your body still functions at the same rate as people’s bodies did in the 1800s… ages 17-23 are the ripest ages for sexual activity, because people paired up at these ages and had families. So even if you don’t want to try it, think about masturbation or try to exercise extreme mental control (controlling your urges at this time can make you a very sexually repressed person and could open up the possibilities of psychosexual disorders in the future). Really, there is nothing that you can do aside from those two. And hormonal medications are dangerous and really are reserved for people with major hormonal imbalances, not those seeking to be less horny.

    And I wouldn’t consider anti-depressants or any other prescription drugs to handle your problem. You could develop numerous long-lasting to permanent side effects with psychotropic medications. I’m a psychology student who specializes in the clinical field. These drugs were mostly “accidentally” discovered- they are derived from intended painkillers, baribiturates, stimulants, and Parkinsonian/Epilepsy medicines. They have hosts of effects that can even ruin your chance of having children (see Lithium for example). Try talking to a sex therapist or a couples therapist, they can offer you advice on controlling your urges or even help you accept masturbation as a method to control these urges.

  5. marriagecoach1 said,

    Wrote on November 23, 2013 @ 11:42 am

    Why on earth do you refuse to masturbate? Is it religious. Let me tell you there is no prohibition on masturbation in the Bible. Masturbation is the way to relieve sexual tension for you and boyfriend. Both of you should be doing it daily to control that drive. There are no MDS to lower your sex drive other than alcohol.

    It sounds like you are Catholic. Catholics make up their own religion in violation of biblical mandates. I know, I was a former catholic. I went to school and got a degree in Bible as well as pyschology and also went to grad school for Clinical Psych. I am now a marriage, relatioinship and sexual coach. If you woul like to talk to me more about it, I would be glad to chat with you on Yahoo IM or on the phone.

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