How can psychotherapy help someone recover from an eating disorder?

Question by A_YAHOO_ANSWERS_USER: How can psychotherapy help someone recover from an eating disorder?
The way I understand it, psychotherapy is just talking about stuff, and making links between things, being able to think about them out loud… but someone with an eating disorder needs their entire mind ‘rewired’ like… their entire internal working model replaced…

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Psychotherapy doesn’t help…

What helped me were my parents. My parents used a horrible technique. But i guess it worked. They made me feel guilty and unloved for being too skinny. The called me crazy and stuff. But I could tell they were really worried about me. Does it ever make you feel guilty for hurting your parents or friends for being too skinny? Well if it does then start eating!

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  1. ssjtasha28 said,

    Wrote on March 28, 2012 @ 10:33 pm

    Actually, it helps you find out why you think that way, and what made you start. Although the behavioral approach to therapy might train you to eat, and to see food differently, by using punishments and rewards. So it’s not all talking.

    Truth be told, the first thing I was told in my intro to psychotherapy class is that most of the change comes from outside of therapy, and it also come from the actual relationship between the therapist and patient. Basically a positive relationship can lead to change, and the therapist serves as a supporter, confidante, and helper during the recovery period.

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