History of Cosmetic Surgery

History of Cosmetic Surgery

Article by Terry Daniels

Terry Daniels has been a plastic surgeon for over 20 years and has written hundreds of articles relating to plastic surgery. He recommends breast augmentation Utah for your plastic surgery needs. Contact Info Terry Daniels TerryDaniels09@gmail.comhttp://drstewartmd.com/

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Alex Jones Tv 1/2:Psychology Today's Hit Piece on Alex Jones

Why Psychologists Are Infinitely More Dangerous Than Conspiracy Theorists Paul Joseph Watson www.prisonplanet.com Thursday, September 3, 2009 According to a Psychology Today hit piece written by psychologist John Gartner, people prone to thinking that powerful men might actually get together and plan to maintain and advance their power are borderline psychotics who are a danger to society. In reality, hundreds of years of history has taught us that psychologists routinely aid authoritarian regimes in enforcing tyrannical and inhumane policies while helping them crush political opposition by defining suspicion of authorities as a mental illness. As we highlighted in our article yesterday, psychologists in the Soviet Union were used to stifle free speech by classifying skepticism and political opposition to the state as a mental illness, which is precisely the implication littered throughout Gartners crass hit piece. In the former Soviet Union, psikhushkas — mental hospitals — were used by the state as prisons in order to isolate political prisoners, discredit their ideas, and break them physically and mentally. The Soviet state began using mental hospitals to punish dissidents in 1939 under Stalin. According to official Soviet psychiatry and the Moscow Serbsky Institute at the time, ideas about a struggle for truth and justice are formed by personalities with a paranoid structure. Treatment for this special political schizophrenia included various forms of restraint
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