High Court to Weigh Life Sentences for Juvenile Murderers

06 Phil Kirkland, illus. for Developmental Psychology Today (1971) (An artist’s conception of the adolescent mind at work)
Adolescent Psychology
Image by 50 Watts
See the post on 50 Watts: An artist’s interpretation of a teenager’s head exploding in science class: Thirteen illustrations by Phil Kirkland for early 1970s science textbooks

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High Court to Weigh Life Sentences for Juvenile Murderers
The recent cases on juvenile sentencing have been watched closely by many educators and child-development experts because they have turned to some degree on advances in knowledge about adolescent brain development. "Developments in psychology and brain …
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Office-Based Pediatric Mental Health Care Found Effective
7 in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. The availability of mental health services at a pediatrician's office greatly increased the number of patients who initiated treatment and the number who completed treatment, consistent with …
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