Help for Awkward Young Men this Valentines Day from Uncommon Knowledge

Oban, Scotland (PRWEB) February 11, 2012

I really like her, but I just cant talk to her! (Frustrated cry of the lovelorn lad.)

Everyone knows a young man who women would love, if only he could speak to them without looking like a foxs next meal. Now psychology trainers Uncommon Knowledge have created a free research-based eBook of tips in time for Valentines to help the river of love flow free.

How many perfect relationships are going to waste because these poor guys cant hold it together in the wake of the hormonal surge caused by being near a woman they like? Or they are so ‘nice’ that women write them off as a potential mate but, crushingly, want to keep them as a good friend.

Luckily, science now knows what attracts women to men, and its not that surprising: Things like confidence, humor, ability to remain calm in stressful situations (which is why a terrified man never gets the girl); they all help a lady feel that a man is a potential partner.

But what can those unlucky fellows do if their legs start to shake at the very thought of walking up to a woman and starting a conversation? Knowing what to do is one thing, doing it is something very different indeed, especially when your stress hormones seem to have the opposite agenda.

Well there are a few key things that are easily implemented:


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