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From the Web Anxiety, depression and harassment harmful to health of mothers and their babies. The future children of women stressed during pregnancy, in fact, may be born with allergies or asthma. Sounding the alarm is Attilio Boner, professor of Pediatrics at the University of Verona, in reference to several studies on the subject.

“More than a work emphasizes a link between anxiety and depression in mothers and likelihood that face children with asthma and allergies – the expert explains – though anxiety reached such peaks to be placed in the fifth quintile, the risk of asthma according to some studies increased by 60%, with high levels of stress increase the chances of one and a half to two and a half times.”

The mechanism underlying this effect on the unborn child “is in neuro-endocrine-immune, not psychosomatic,” Boner said. In practice, “the girls that are born from stressed mothers during pregnancy more likely to produce cytokines, inflammatory mediators that promote the onset of allergy. This is because the stress is a chronic release of Cortisol, which causes the body to get used to cortisone and reduces its response. The consequence is precisely a greater production of cytokines “. The same mechanism is engaged when the pregnant woman is a victim of abuse, which also impact on the psychological level.

Another risk factor for the baby on the way it is exposure to cleaning chemicals during pregnancy. If the mother makes extensive use of spray cleaners to clean the house, the chances that a child born with asthma increased by two times.

And, once born, the baby is presenting new dangers: the child who, in the first month of life, sleeping with his head leaning against a synthetic pillow has an increased risk of two and a half time to be asthma at age 7. If also the synthetic covered, then, the chances increase of 5 times. If resting in a plastic bag-sleeping, also, the odds of developing asthma increased from 3 to 4 times in the first year of life.

“The synthetic material – clarifies the professor of pediatrics – it hurts because it contains more and more mite allergens than natural fabrics and emits volatile organic compounds that the child inhales and probably have a detrimental effect on the respiratory system, but perhaps also on DNA” .

The mother, therefore, care should be taken during and after nine months of pregnancy. In was interesting, therefore, better to prefer the Mediterranean diet: consumption of oily fish, fruit and vitamin D is an effective shield. The same goes for breastfeeding. “The antigens bind to the molecules of milk and stimulate the immune system of the child to a good response,” says John Corsello, Director of the pediatric clinic of the University of Palermo.

Guest: Jenny Saffran, Distinguished Professor of Psychology
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