GPA of 2.6, can I still get into 4 year college?

Question by @||!: GPA of 2.6, can I still get into 4 year college?
I’m aware my GPA isn’t very strong, but however I don’t think it reflects on my full potential and I am really interested in going to a 4 year college. EVEN if it means I have to take my first semester at a community college.

I didn’t take high school very seriously. I also was out of school for months because of serious illness, and it made it overwhelming to catch up.

However, I feel like I have grown as a person. And really want to do my best in college.

Undecided Major but interested in:
– Developmental, Health, Education, Child Psychology
– Spanish
– Elementry Education
– Physical/Occupational Therapy

Ideal College:
Nice College town- suburban, not far from the city, but also in a beautiful area

Good oppurtunities at the school: variety of intermertal sports, study abroad program, job connections, good professiors, not too big classrooms (personal attention)

Private or Public doesnt necessarily matter

Good Finicial and I get my moneys worth – reasonable price (I live in Minnesota, but ok with out of state tution.. as long as its reasonable)

Colleges i’m looking at right now:
Colorado State University – Fort Collins
Colorado Mesa University
Iowa State – Aimes
Mankato, Mn
South Dakota State University
California University, Chico

So anyways, either give me your opinions on the colleges I listed OR suggest a college you know that sounds like a good fit for me. Maybe a college you are attending/attended?

Best answer:

Answer by Carolyn
1. a 2.6 GPA will make it difficult to get in most 4 yr. colleges. Have you taken the SAT or ACT?

If not, contact a local college to take assessment tests.

2. I strongly suggest attending a 2 yr. community college for general requirements (used in most majors). It saves thousands of dollars. Your final college will be on your ‘4 yr. degree’.

3. Ask the local college to take the KUDER interest and abilities test. It will narrow down what fields you are most interested in, as well as have the most ‘abilities’ for. That will help in starting college with a plan.

4. Make sure you do your best daily once in college. Plan ahead for research papers, presentations etc. Work backwards from ‘due date’ to allow plenty of time.

5. Use the services at the college for help: English, math, science, etc. FREE tutoring by successful students. Ask instructors for help when you don’t understand something.

6. Become familiar with the college library and all its features and services. You will most likely spend quite a bit of time there to work on studies and reports.

7. Set goals for yourself and work towards them.

8. Don’t punish yourself for poor high school work. Face your weak points and plan to overcome them.

9.If you are assessed by the college you start with and they state you need ‘remediation’ classes to succeed, take them. Show them your best effort.

10. Keep your end goal in mind everyday. You can succeed, You will succeed.

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