Get in medical school with bachelor in psychology?

Question by girl :): Get in medical school with bachelor in psychology?
So right now im in Social sciences program at college level cause I really wanted to be a psychologist but now I want to be a doctor but I dont want to switch program and lose time again so do you think I can complete my social sciences program and do my bachelor then apply to medical school to be a doctor (psychiatrist to be more precise). I know i’ll have to work really hard but do you know if that’s possible to get in medical school with a bachelor in psychology ?


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Answer by Tony G
To qualify to apply for the College of Medicine, you have to be a holder of any B.S. Degree. Meaning, if you are in Psychology you must be in the degree course of B.S. Psychology and NOT in B.A. Psychology. A B.S. Computer Engineering is qualified to apply for the College of Medicine because it is a Bachelor of Science Degree. I hope I was able to answer your inquiry.

I would like to know where are you currently studying and which Medical School are you aiming for?

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