Get A Free Electronic Cigarette: Find Out Why E Cigarettes Are Dubbed As The Most Effective Smoke Cessation Tool Out There Today

(PRWEB) November 18, 2012

This worked awesomely for my wife, who was a heavy smoker for years, started Bill Fore. She tried several methods of quitting and nothing worked. When she started the [electronic cigarettes] I instantly noticed that her cough went away and no more smell on her clothes and vehicle. For you non-smokers (which I am a non-smoker) we will never understand how hard it is to quit smoking. My wife is now smoke-free from real and e cigarettes.

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Like Bill, many other non-smokers have to contend with the smoking habit of their loved ones. Its not a pretty habit, it most certainly isnt, and yet, the decision to quit ultimately rests on the user. No matter how much pleading or convincing a non-smoker does to get their loved ones to stop smoking, it would still fall on deaf ears unless the user is indeed ready to quit for himself.

Making the decision, however, is not as easy as committing to buy a carton of milk before coming home from work. It is a very challenging task for most smokers, particularly because of the attached addictions to the habits of smoking. Its not just the presence of nicotine, its also in the behavioural and psychological craving to hold a stick between their hands and taking a puff of smoke.

Researches have been conducted in the past several years to determine just how truly effective e cigs are for its users. After all, its not exactly smoking per se; rather, it is called vaping. See, electric cigarettes emit water vapor instead of smoke. This simulation of smoke is achieved through the liquid vapor cartridges inserted within the battery-run device. As such, it is also known as the smokeless cigarette.

One such study pursued to prove its effectiveness as a smoking cessation tool was conducted by the researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health, and spearheaded by Professor Michael Siegel.

The study, published at the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, found that subjects who did use vapor cigarettes managed to abstain from tobacco cigarettes more successfully. As such, the conclusion was that it is a potentially useful smoke-cessation tool.

Said Professor Siegel, This study suggests that electronic cigarettes are literally helping thousands of ex-smokers to remain off cigarettes.

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There are many more to be learned about e cigarettes and what they can really do to help smokers quit. In the meantime, however, can provide all the basic and necessary information regarding this product, for those who may still be curious about it.

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