Georgia student with flesh-eating bacteria makes progress

Georgia student with flesh-eating bacteria makes progress
"We don't have to see physical progress, we seem to take comfort from simple words, silly actions and quiet moments." Aimee Copeland, who has been on life support since May 4, is in intensive care at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia.
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Health concerns: What causes anxiety or panic attacks?
The internal tug-of-war between the two is physically and emotionally exhausting. Anxiety is living under the proverbial shoe and waiting for it to fall on your head. It is a powerful sense of impending doom that invades every aspect of life.
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Health study: Stop couch surfing and you'll eat less junk food
And spending too much leisure time in sedentary activity while not getting enough physical activity. It found that the most effective way to rehab a delinquent lifestyle requires two key behaviour changes — cutting time spent in front of a TV or …
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