FQA About Counseling

FQA About Counseling

Article by Justin Arienzo

Counseling, noun, an advice or guidance, especially as solicited from a knowledgeable person. This word has been defined in so many different ways by so many different dictionaries, but does one of them really capture the essence of it? What really is counseling? Who needs it? Who can give it? Why is it needed?

Counseling Jacksonville FL is one of the most prevalent and famous counseling activity there is in the United States. People have described this as a form of psychotherapy that involves mentoring, intervention coaching and methods of the like to assist a person (or people) in their decision making or facing challenges and problems concerning psychological, emotional, relationship, parenting, family and employment aspects of their lives.

One of the “biggest questions in the field of counseling is “Who needs it?”. Basically, the question should be “Who is it for?” and not the other one. We all need counseling at one point of our lives, especially when we are down with all the burden of troubles and the weight of responsibility and we feel like giving up is the only way. But who is counseling for? The answer is also for everyone. There is a form of counseling for every situation; individual counseling is available for anyone who faces any kind of trouble and group counseling for which is basically intended for people who have got some conflict within themselves but wanting to resolve it and save themselves from further conflict and troubles.

As opposed to the common concept that anybody can give counsel to those who needs it, counseling should only be given by an experienced, knowledgeable, impartial and expert counselor. There is no need to explain why the counselor should possess knowledge, experience and expertise in handling the matter; and the counselor should also be impartial. Once the counselor takes side with either party or any preconceived idea that is against the matter he or she is handling, he may give biased and ineffective guidance leading to a dangerous outcome for the client/s. So saying that anyone can handle a counseling session is wrong. Most importantly, professional counseling are only given by licensed and board-certified counselors who have had years of studied and experience on the field of counseling.

Why is counseling needed? There are the old maxims that says “No man is an island”, “Two heads are better than one” and “Together we stand”. Yes, there are things that cannot be handled by some people all on their own; either they lack the knowledge or experience about it or they are not emotionally ready to do so. This is where help should be offered and executed.

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