Forensic Psychology Programs

Forensic Psychology Programs

As this new field emerges, forensic psychology programs will prepare students for exciting and rewarding jobs, such as criminal profiling, crisis management, jury selection, parental custody and visitation, police department counseling and more. If you are fascinated by psychology and passionate about criminology, this could just be the right educational path for you. There are several types of programs to choose from if you want to pursue a career in forensic psychology.

Education for a Career in Psychology

It will take several years of schooling, but if you dedicate yourself and put the effort and time in, there’s no reason why you can’t have a successful career in the challenging field of forensic psychology. Make sure to find an accredited school to get a bachelor’s degree, for starters, because your degree will not get you very far if the school wasn’t accredited and you probably won’t qualify for any financial aid while you’re attending such an institution. Most schools don’t have a bachelor’s degree in forensic psychology per say, but many do offer criminal justice degrees with an emphasis in forensic psychology.

A bachelor’s degree will only get you into an entry-level position, but if you really want to have a prestigious career in psychology, you’ll need to obtain a master’s or doctoral degree in clinical psychology or a master’s degree in criminology. There are various universities around the nation offering these programs, but it isn’t necessarily a standard degree program that you’ll find at every college. Several online universities offer forensic psychology master’s programs, though, so there are still options available, even if there isn’t a campus nearby offering a suitable program to pursue this career.

What to Expect after Graduating in psychology

Certified psychologists may apply for certification with the American Board of Forensic Psychology. Applicants must pass certain educational requirements and pass an examination.

There are several types of jobs in this field at crime scenes, police departments, in courtrooms or in a more traditional office environment. Salaries will vary, depending on where you choose to work. Forensic psychologists just starting out in the field earn a median salary of $ 53,500, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, those with 10 or more years of experience earn a median salary of $ 72,958 each year. Those who have the dedication to complete the education, training and experience for this challenging career can reap many professional rewards.

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