Forensic Psychology Practice Doctorate

One of our graduates talks about her experiences and the reason she chose to do a Doctorate in Forensic Psychology Practice at the School of Psychology See
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The Teachers TV programme resents 5 case studies showing different approaches to improving behaviour: • A sports project that involves a group of Yr 10 pupils learning to row; • Ninestyles School Behaviour policy: a whole-school system of consequences which starts with a verbal warning and culminates in the isolation room; • Restorative justice, where students are encouraged to accept responsibility for their behaviour; • An infant nurture group which tries to intervene early to prevent difficulties developing; • Getting the curriculum right by introducing more personalised learning. As well as footage of the interventions in action, personnel involved talk about the benefits. Geoff Moss, an Educational Psychologist and former teacher provides some commentary between the case studies.

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  1. Kuda2306 said,

    Wrote on September 3, 2012 @ 10:55 pm

    How/where did you get funding from?

  2. Professormac10562 said,

    Wrote on September 3, 2012 @ 11:50 pm

    Some excellent points, especially about connecting with kids, individualizing,and giving them purpose. The NineStyles school has got half of the behavior management system figured out: the systematic punitive consequences, but fail to realize that they are sabataging their own mission. The phrasing that focuses on what is being done wrong instead of directing kids toward what TO DO, the focus on punishment versus recognition for progress & effort, etc. are all wrong. BehaviorAdvisor com

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