Feeling the Supernatural and the Power of the Unknown

Feeling the Supernatural and the Power of the Unknown

Article by Daniel Millions

The world of the paranormal and parapsychology has remained controversial throughout history. In the western world, many times, various studies carried out by scientists and sponsored by governments of many nations have made conclusions that there is no rationalization in the process of anything that is claimed to be paranormal and hence, it cannot exist. But, in spite of these claims and counter-claims, the fascination associated with the paranormal has not died down.

It has always remained in the background doing its own secret work while modern science continues to make progress over progress. Belief in the occult and magical realms has remained popular ever since man gained memory. Even now, it cannot be denied that all scholarly-minded, scientific individuals have completely rejected the presence of the paranormal.

This is evident from the numerous studies which have been organized by reputed universities and education societies around the world. It is also said that many governments have also authorized secret experiments based on parapsychology to gather intelligence about enemy movements. This was quite popular during the days of the Cold War.

Ordinary human beings also cannot deny encountering the supernatural during some part of their life. Fear has always been associated with future and to lessen that fear they often go about seeking fortunetellers. They endeavor to understand their problems from various tarot card readings or tarot reading. Hoping to bring about solutions to long-standing problems, they rely upon these tarot card readings. Tarot reading interprets the mystical symbols and provides information about the happenings in one’s life. Like tarot card readings, there are also other readings generated from crystals, astrological charts or in the numbers of the name of the person.

It is said that mysterious forces influence the human mind in an esoteric manner and ultimately make the humans commit the destined action, which could lead to further reactions with positive or negative effects. Tarot readings and other sources of esoteric knowledge provide indications of such happenings and give advice on possible solutions that could relieve the person from the negative effect of an influence.

Divination sciences have been popular since ancient times and all cultures and traditions emphasize upon following them. Many old religions of the east adopt these sciences and make them a compulsory part of social life. That is why, there is great demand for fortunetellers and priests in orthodox communities, especially in the east and they are consulted before undertaking any major task in the interest of their family or business.

Supernatural happenings keep occurring in one’s life and explanations to such happenings have not been satisfactory. If certain events of life cannot be interpreted in ordinary manner, they are attributed to the divine aspirations with deep respect. At such times, elderly priests, fortunetellers and astrologers are taken into confidence for advice and truth. This is a normal practice amongst ancient religions.

From the sociological point of view, the whole phenomenon may be difficult to be rationalized, but since it has been practiced over thousands and thousands of years, it has to be accepted as an essential part of the society without which it cannot move on.

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