Eyes Reveal More Than We Might Think

Eyes Reveal More Than We Might Think
Many people know that our pupils shrink when our eyes adjust to bright light, but the size and movement of our pupils can also reflect what's going on inside our brains. Psychological scientists use pupillometry to measure cognitive processes such as …
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Myth Debunked, Eye Movements Not Linked To Lying
But as Howard Ehrlichman, professor emeritus of psychology told ABC News, the research doesn't mean eyes can't give in any secrets about the people in front of us. “I found that while the direction of eye movements wasn't related to anything, whether …
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Using biomarkers to identify and treat schizophrenia
Eye movement direction not correlated with lying, study claims. New research refutes a commonly held belief that certain eye movements are associated with lying. Psychology & Psychiatry created 23 hours ago | popularity not rated yet | comments 0 …
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New Study Tests the Just-World Theory
In order to test the just-world theory further, Mitchell J. Callan of the Department of Psychology at the University of Essex in the UK recently led a study using gaze analysis. For his study, Callan monitored the eye movements of 44 participants as …
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