Emma proves to be a big hit with students

Emma proves to be a big hit with students
Corby Business Academy sixth form pupils Ivo Silva and Shona McKinnon interact with mother Susie Roques and baby Emma, aged one, as part of their studies into "developmental psychology". A psychology lesson was child's play when little Emma Roques paid …
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Parents Urged Again to Limit TV for Youngest
“What we know from recent research on language development is that the more language that comes in — from real people — the more language the child understands and produces later on,” said Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek, a professor of psychology at Temple …
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School daze
UH-Clear Lake's Office of Counseling Services is one of three sites chosen for a $ 1.6 million initiative to create doctoral psychology student internships to help alleviate mental health workforce shortages in Texas. The university received a five-year …
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