Embarrassing Bodies – Hypersensitivity – Eating problems helped by child psychologist

Jeevan’s parents, Gerb and Jaz, are fed up with their son’s fussy eating and come to see Dr Dawn for some advice. Jeevan lives on a diet of milk, custard, mushy cereal and yoghurt, his phobia of solid food and dirt has led Dawn to believe that Jeevan may have an underlying condition and sends the family to see clinical psychologist, Dr Gillian Harris. Dr Gillian encourages Jeevan to experience different textures through play, his reluctance enabled Dr Gillian to diagnose him with Sensory Hypersensitivity. This means Jeevan’s brain processes information in an unusual way, so some textures feel very uncomfortable to him. Hypersensitivity may also mean your child reacts unusually to smells, or loud noises and can be a sign of a neurological condition such as dyspraxia, ADHD and some types of Autism. Jeevan’s parents are now learning how to improve Jeevan’s habits through play. Now he feels much more comfortable with messy textures, and will try many more foods.
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