Eilif Verney-Elliott, Writer, Artist and Philosopher

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 16 October 2012

Eilif Verney-Elliott is a London-based Writer, Artist and Philosopher currently working on socialist- feminist- and queer critiques of normativity through cinema analysis, psychoanalysis, poetry and essays. Avidly supporting Occupy Wall Street and UK Uncut – both with critique – he wishes to work with other people who are fighting against austerity in the UK and abroad. Serious cuts to social benefits for the most vulnerable are being put through in both the UK and the US, two countries that Eilif focuses on because of his experiences there. What is needed is further analysis and action against conservative and far-right ideologies. With this, issues of homelessness, racism, sexism and ableism must be addressed within specific community forums.

From a critical, personal, existential and Freudo-Marxist perspective, Eilif is seeking people to work with communally as contributors to a new political art collective in and around London and also internationally. This new political art collective will be a project that is multicultural, multivocal and dynamic and intends to build membership without a formal payment structure but through a creative trade and mutual assistance platform for emerging artists, activists, social scientists, philosophers, practitioners of psychoanalysis and also people from the natural sciences, especially physics, chemistry and biology.

Through reinventing our respective fields of interest and creating a time and space to support growing struggles against greed, capitalism and big finance, Eilif aims at literally making spaces for movements in London. Additionally, Eilif & Co. are looking to make a film that demonstrates the stark existential differences faced by people in drastically different economic situations – from City of London bankers to the homeless. All of this is associated with a new political art collective. To learn more please join Eilif – and thousands of others – at the October 20th TUC march in London against the Lib-Con austerity measures! He will be there; and he is available to speak with labour unions, the media, community groups, welfare/social service workers and people in general.

He maintains writing work and other contributions at http://www.eilifverneyelliott.com.

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