Educational or Organisational psychology?

Question by rose: Educational or Organisational psychology?
I need to pick between these two modules for my third year at university. I am keen on educational pschology because i may go into teaching later on, but organisational psychology seems so much more interesting and I think i would enjoy it more. Which would be more beneficial in the future?

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Answer by Katie
Organisational psychology is interested in psychology in the workplace and how organisations can use concepts in psychology to improve efficiency. This includes things like staff motivation and attitude, recruitment – for instance what types of personalities would suit a particular position, job performance and training etc.
You should do this course in you think you might want to do this sort of work for a company, business or organisation.
This branch of psychology would only really be beneficial in teaching if you wanted to become a principle or team leader of some sort.
(personally i don’t find it interesting at all lol! But heaps of people do…)
If you’re unsure, go and speak to your uni careers advisor or the course administrators. :)

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