Economics major with a double minor in psychology and statistics?

Question by M: Economics major with a double minor in psychology and statistics?
Is this a good combination? What kind of jobs can I get?

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Answer by Sunny
Econ is a very broad subject. So it won’t guarantee you’ll get in a specific position. Most companies will judge you from the courses you took and/or internships you had.

Example: take loads of acct. courses and internship in acct. firms you’ll get a acct. job.

You can utilize stats in finance, analyst, and ops.

And almost everybody is eligible to be in marketing.

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  1. Spotty J said,

    Wrote on November 26, 2011 @ 12:13 pm

    You’ll get whatever jobs are available to an Econ major, because NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU MINOR IN.

    Further, psychology is totally devoid of value. Worse it counts against you because people will assume you studied psychology because you have mental or emotional problems. I am not joking. Plus, the dumbest person everybody knows was psychology major.

    Statistics knowledge can be very helpful, although as mentioned above having a minor in it doesn’t help your resume, because nobody cares what you minor in. But, the more stats you know the better. In fact you might consider double-majoring in Econ and Stats if that’s possible at your school. That actually may open a door or two for you. Drop the psych.

  2. Kenobi said,

    Wrote on November 26, 2011 @ 1:13 pm

    Sounds good. If you are really interested in psych and economics Industrial Organizational Psych may be of interest to you (plus you make a lot of money doing it). They all have value and Psychology has a heavy research and statistical focus depending on what you take, which could help you with economics. I suggest you steer clear of people telling you that a degree is worthless and people who major in those things are dumb. You would be a very marketable person.

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