Dreams, Gateways to Our Inner Selves

Dreams, Gateways to Our Inner Selves

This article is about dream interpretation, a common method used for divinatory purposes. I am not going to debate the nature of dreams, what they are, where they come from because there are very many theories and in my opinion many are true at the same time, even if some of them may seem contradictory.

What is commonly accepted is that the subconscious plays an important role in the process of dreams. In my vision in the relaxed state of sleeping the boundaries between the conscious (which is highly influenced by our personality, education, social factor, role in society, role in personal life, etc) and the subconscious (which represents the core of our psyche, the gateway to our inner selves, which isn’t limited and influenced by outer factors) weakens, thus giving the opportunity for the two to communicate. Some dreams are not really important, some are just random images, artificial states induced by the brain in order to relax, and metaphorically speaking de-fragment it’s self just like a computers hard drive, that is why they are forgotten. Other dreams are very “real”, they create an impression, they induce an emotional state, thus we do not forget them (or only partially) when we wake up. It is these dreams that bare a significance and should be examined.

Dream interpretation has it’s basis more on parapsychology, than on classical mysticism. In my opinion the significant dreams always carry some form of message from your inner self. Your conscious is limited, partially inactive in the state of dreams, that is why the message is encoded, shown in symbols and emotions. Your conscious can identify this symbols and decipher their meaning, thus perceiving the message sent by the inner self.

Most messages are simple, your inner self warns you to be more present in your own life, other times it evokes an old memory which taught you an important lesson in life, in another case it may transmit an advice to help you in a future decision… and so on, the possibilities are endless. You must know that your inner self is infinitely wise, and can perceive things which your conscious could never reach, the past, present and future is not really a mystery to your inner self.

Now comes the question… how do you actually interpret your dreams? There are many methods, some coming from thousands of years of tradition, while others base themselves on psychology. Throughout my years of studying divinatory methods I developed a simple way to do this, which doesn’t really require any great skill, but it does require an open mind and a sense of logic.

In order to properly interpret your dreams you must realize that your subconscious will not send your symbols which you could not understand… that wouldn’t make any sense. So you must refer to the symbols from your daily life. Some symbols have a traditional meaning and I am going to enumerate some of them:

Murky water – disease, discomfort, bad emotional state
Clear water – good health, joy, positivity
Means of transport (including animals, eg horse) – the evolution of a situation present in your life
Baby boy – a change, opportunity, new beginning regarding career, material matters
Baby girl – a chance, opportunity, new beginning, prosperity regarding matters of the heart, personal life
Aggressive dog – a male with bad intentions present in your life
Aggressive cat – a female with bad intentions
Dog – a loyal friend who offers his/her help
Cat – seduction, temptation
Mouse – financial problems
Climbing up stairs – the pursuit of a dream, plan, project
Storm – sudden change, unexpected turn of events
Cow – fertility, well being
Someone chasing you – regret, bad decision from the past, guilt
Hospital – Resolution to a problem, emotional recovery
Dead male relative – an issue from the past not yet finished
Dead female relative – an emotional scar from the past
Mythical creature – look it up in a dictionary and adapt it’s symbol.

These are just some of the symbols which are commonly perceived in dreams, and their meaning must be adapted to the other elements of the dream. I will give you an example: Let’s say that in the dream someone was climbing up the steps of a huge business building and there he/she saw a dog. When you interpret the dream you logically examine what it could mean. You will start with the action. Climbing up stairs; you know that it means the pursuit of a plan, dream etc. then you try to remember the building… a business building… you examine your own life… most probably you are thinking about improving your business, applying to a new job etc… thus “climbing the steps of a business building”. Now you see the dog… did it harm you? No, then it means a friendly male. So you put together the meaning of the message: You desire change in your professional life, you may have some ideas, initiatives, but before you do anything ask a more experienced friend, partner, acquaintance for advice and possibly help. As we can see the interpretation was quite simple and logical. The important part is to always try to search the meaning of the symbol and relate it to your life. If you can’t find a traditional meaning of a symbol, then try to figure it out by using logic, and asking yourself questions like… what does it represent in life, what is it’s purpose etc.

Another important thing is that you must let your intuition guide your logic, the emotions felt in the dream are very important and they shape the clearness of the meaning.

Now these refer to usual dreams, but there are situation where things are far more complicated. Some dreams are extremely vivid, without logic, everything is confusing etc. In these cases try to slowly interpret portions of the dream which you can understand and then put together the whole “picture”.

People who are interested in spiritualism and perform mystical activities, often get various dreams which are not only very complex, but also extremely filled with symbols, unusual elements etc. The best method to understand these is to use your logic, intuition combined with a deep meditation. With the meditation try to enter yourself, the depths of your self and try seeking the answers there. Relax and silence your mind, your cold relational logic, and try to give priority to your intuitive logic, and to your emotions. People who have guides, can also ask for their guidance and help.

Some forms of dreams can only be understood with meditation and inner research, for example visions, deja vu experiences, dreams which somehow (may be coincidence or not) go beyond the limits and turn into an astral travel or similar experience.

The conclusion is… if you have a very strong dream which seemed almost “real” and you remember it after you wake up… it probably bears a message for you from your inner self.

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