Drawing on the natural world

Drawing on the natural world
“I also read a lot of books like Tarka the Otter as a child. Observing nature for me has always been intertwined with the use of language. It seemed to me that the act of imagining the … “There is a lot of interest at the moment in eco-psychology …
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Youth Workin' It interviews Laura Statesir – Patheos
The goal of the study is to examine Christian parents' reactions to their child's coming out and develop new resources to help them through that process. We are still in the research phase, so I am interviewing Christian parents and LGBT individuals …
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TV Recap: 'Hannibal' Episode 104 – 'Coquilles'
But he did have a near-death experience as a child, where he almost suffocated to death in a farm fire. The firefighters … The deeper we get into Hannibal, it becomes less about the murders (gruesome though they are) and more about the psychology …
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"Mom, I'm Marrying a Chassid!"
He told us, “It is against the nature and psychology of children to tell parents how to live. Find someone in their community to encourage them.” Once again, the message was clear. We were not to preach or push. Our job was to respect, not tell my in …
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