Dr. Ken Rotondo and iNovum Present the Science of Mind Genomics to Top Industry Executives at The Leaders Council

Dr. Ken Rotondo and iNovum Present the Science of Mind Genomics to Top Industry Executives at The Leaders Council

Article by Taunia Kipp

In late October, The Leaders Council enjoyed the opportunity to explore the power of mind genomics during a presentation and corporate marketing discussion with guest expert, Dr. Ken Rotondo, founding partner of iNovum.

During the Council’s biannual meeting of the Corporate Marketing Strategy Group, senior executives from leading business-to-business companies who are tasked with overseeing corporate-wide marketing efforts for some of the world’s largest companies focused on the topic of customer intelligence and asked themselves, “How am I going to read my customer’s mind?”

“Mind Genomics is a powerful approach to understanding consumer needs but has not been widely used in the business-to-business world where customer’s needs and the sales process are highly complex. We were excited to have Dr. Rotondo as a guest marketing expert to bring this new technique to our collaborative group discussion.” said Ann Marshman, Executive Director of The Leaders Council. “His scientific approach to identifying customer wants and needs has the potential to lead to more effective segmentation and value propositions for sales executives. We also explored how B2B corporations might use this technique when entering new markets.”

Dr. Rotondo provided scientific input to the group by presenting the compelling results of mind genomics behind successful marketing and selling initiatives in the pharmaceutical and retail banking industries. Mind Genomics is modeled on the emerging science of genomics and the technology of informatics. The goal is to better understand how people react to ideas in a formal and structured way, using the principles of stimulus-response (from experimental psychology), conjoint analysis (from consumer research and statistics), Internet-based testing (from marketing research) and multiple tests to identify patterns of mind-sets (patterned after genomics). This formal approach can then be used to construct new, customer “talk tracks” for sales professionals.

Rotondo’s company, iNovum, co-founded by world-renowned Author, Market Researcher and Psychophysicist, Dr. Howard Moskowitz provides highly sophisticated, scientific consumer intelligence services specifically in the area of “mind set segmentation” and genomics.

“We’re always interested and honored to be able to engage with groups such as The Leaders Council” Stated James Quinn, president of iNovum. “We founded iNovum after recognizing the predictive and actionable value of mind genomics and we are now able to port this science from the market research and scientific arena into the arenas of sales, marketing, communication, human resources, charitable giving and other venues”.

For more information about iNovum and the science of Mind Genomics, visit http://www.iNovum.com. For more information about The Leaders Council, visit: http://www.TheLeadersCouncil.com

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