Dr. Jim Amos’s Intro to The Practical Psychosomaticist

This is an introduction to my blog site, The Practical Psychosomaticist at jajsamos.wordpress.com. It’s an educational site about Psychosomatic Medicine and there’s a lot of information about delirium in the hospitalized medically ill, and other issues common to patients with comorbid physical and psychiatric disorders.

James A. Bourgeois, OD, MD, is Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences, McMaster University, discusses psychiatry certification exam prep books that he has co-edited for American Psychiatric Publishing. His most recent book published in 2012 is, Psychiatry Review and Canadian Certification Exam Preparation Guide. In 2009, Dr. Bourgeois co-edited The American Psychiatric Publishing Board Review Guide for Psychiatry. Dr. Bourgeois also co-authored the Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine in 2009. All three books can be purchased at www.appi.org
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