Dolphins have long memories for old acquaintances

Dolphins have long memories for old acquaintances
Janet Mann, a researcher who has studied bottlenose dolphin social culture since 1988, said testing long-term social recognition in wild dolphins is challenging because scientists have no way to know when certain dolphins have last been in contact …
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Now Hear This: iEAR App Reveals Human Nature
"In the end, psychologists hardly ever observe human behavior — what they mostly do is give them questionnaires," said Matthias Mehl, a University of Arizona psychologist . Mehl says he wants to change that. He and his colleagues have … For instance …
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Cass Sunstein and the power of 'nudge'
He called for more use of the cutting-edge field of behavioural economics—a field that draws on the insights of psychology to reject the notion in classical economics that assumes people make rational economic choices based on self-interest. Empirical …

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