Does the sun make you sneeze? It's not just you

Does the sun make you sneeze? It's not just you
Driving out of a tunnel may trigger the reflex or leaving a movie theatre on a summer's day, says Nicolas Langer, PhD, a neuropsychology researcher the …

Model Employees Can Turn on Company if Not Managed Properly
… Health-related · LifeHelper · Medications · Memory and Perception · Mental Health and Wellness · Neuropsychology and Neurology · Obesity and Weight Loss …

After concussion, teens miss recovery clues
The results of a study published online in the inaugural issue of Applied Neuropsychology: Child show that when athletes gauge their own readiness to return to …
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Beat the heat with cool new TV shows this summer
Eric McCormack is Dr. Daniel Pierce, an expert in the field of forensic neuropsychology. He teams up with a former student-turned-FBI agent (Rachael Leigh …
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