Do I have a good chance of getting into Cornell?

Question by Brian K: Do I have a good chance of getting into Cornell?
My SATs are my only weak point, but I am great in every other aspect
550 R 620 M 550 W= 1720 total I’m taking the ACT in April and the SAT again in May
4.0 unweighted GPA, 4.8 weighted GPA
Varsity Wrestling (2 Years), Golf (1 Year), Badminton (1 Year)
Co-Founder of the Young Democrats Club (1 year)
DECA (State-Qualifer) in Business Management and Administration states is in 3 weeks (1 year)
Model UN (1 Year)
Speech and Debate (1 Year)
Scholar’s Academy (2 Years)
National Honors Society (1 Year)
Collecting Soda Tabs (250 community service hours)
Helping the Elderly (20 service hours)
Young Democrats (24 hours)
Bank Internship (this summer, assumed to be at least 100+ hours)
Helping the Mentally Handicapped (this summer at my synagogue, at least 100+ hours)

The reason that the oldest stuff is 2 years is because I’m a sophomore at the moment, I’m skipping my junior year and I’ll be a senior next year (is that a plus or minus to colleges??)

I pretty much take all AP and Honors classes except for PE and Weight Training (for wrestling) My APs are World History (last year, got a 4), AP European History (this year), AP Human Geography (this year), AP Biology (next year), AP Literature (next year), AP Psychology (next year), and AP American History (next year).

I plan on applying early decision as well, it’s the only college that I will apply early decision.

I’m pretty qualified in every aspect, do you think that will overshadow my mediocre SAT score?
I’m also multilingual (English, Spanish, Hebrew), don’t have a father (since before I was born), and have a low income.

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Answer by Kevin
you’re chances are pretty good, but still take the SATs again.
and yes its a early decision, choose a safety college just in case.

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  1. PeachPop said,

    Wrote on March 4, 2012 @ 10:45 pm

    If the SAT’s bother you, take a class or hire a tutor to prepare for them and buy the book (just ask anyone at the bookstore) and study for them more. My friend almost doubled her score studying for them. Sometimes you have to go the extra mile.

    if you don’t have a book, the school or public library should have them, and if you can’t afford a tutor, ask around your school for who the smart kids are and see if you can barter with them (i’ll mow your grass so you don’t have to if you help me study), or ask a teacher you trust if they know a kid who may have graduated already and did really well on their SATs and doesnt need their materials anymore or if they know of another kid struggling too who might be willing to study with you.

    you could also explain the situation to your church, if you have one, (if not, maybe ask a friend) and see if the youth pastor there knows of a student who could help you and/or if the church would be willing to pay for you to buy the books to study from or pay for you to take the classes that help you pass the SATs with a higher score. most churches are very supportive of kids who want to go to college and are struggling to do so.


    Good luck.

  2. jeet said,

    Wrote on March 4, 2012 @ 11:37 pm

    Check out! This is a really good website that helps students with all their college questions and even has a college calculator that can provide your chances of getting into any college around the nation instantly! (It’s free too)

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